Whereas \in/ a Paper entituled, A Letter from a Livery-man of the city of London to a Member of the Honble House of Commons relating to ye Coinage of Copper farthings & Half pence, it is set forth, That it may be made out to Demonstration, that the Nation is grosly imposed upon on account of the said Coinage; & that although other persons proposed capable, proposed to deliver in the Blanks equal in goodness to those coined in King Charles the seconds Time, yet the Person under Contract is suffered to deliver in Copper of less value by two Pence in each Pound weight then the said {illeg}|f|arthings & {illeg}|h|alf pence coined in the {illeg}|t|ime of the said King Charles. The Lords Commissioners of his Majt|e|stie|y||'|s Treasury t|d|o here{illeg}|b|y give Notice that if the Persons \who published the said Letter or any other Persons/ will attend the Treasury, & bring with them blanks of fine British Copper, equal in goodness to those coined in King{s} Charles ye second's time, & will oblige themselves to furnish quantities of the same Blanks at the same rates that are now paid, & their Lordships will {illeg}|g|ive them encouragement suitable to their Proposals & Performance thereof, there being no standing c|C|ontract yet made with any Persons, & those now employed being only upon tryall.


which lye so heavily upon {me}
send by me, shall be carefully deliver'd {into}
her Daughter be with her, she is no ways an Inconvenience to her, but a service: Not that I believe you would think your Charity worse bestow'd, if the whole Family should be cherish'd by the Influence of it. I am, as particularly oblig'd,


Your very humble & most

Obedient Servant


{Tho Dalton}

[1] May 31st.

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