Noverint Vniversi ꝑ {presentes} me Isaacū Newton depa{illeg} Sid Martini in Campio in Coun̄ Middx Quid \Magistro rei monetarie in Turre Londini/ uidi & firmiter obligari Henrico Hines siui & Fouuder London & John Applebey Junr. siui & Armourer & Brazier London in Suevutis libio &     dat viresimo Septimo die Augusti anno quarto Regni Georgij Anno 1717.

Whereasthe abovebounden Sr. Isaac Newton hath agreed to receiue from the abovebound named Henry Hines & John Appleby Junr. at the Mint in the Tower of London thirty Tonns of fine Brittish copper within the space of two\two/ yeare|'s| from the date hereof by such proportion that the quantitys delivered shall not exceed four To{illeg}|n|ns in any one Month, for the delivery of wch s.d thirty Tonns of fine Brittish Copper att the rate of 18.d ꝑ pound averdupois, the one halfe to be p.d in Mony on the delivery of the Copper and the other halfe in mony and Copper Scissell to be delivered within six days after delivering in thereof or any part thereof at the Mint as afores.d Now the Condition of this obligation is sich that if the s.d Sr. Isaac Newton or the Master and Worker of his Majties. Mint in the Tower of LOndon for the time being do and shall take & receive from the sd Hen. Hines and John Appleby Jun. thirty tonns of fine Brittish COpper \to be made/ in Barrs or filetts of such fineness that when heated redd hott they will spread thin und.er the hammer without cracking and of such a size that 46 halfe pound & 92 farthings cutt out of the same according to dimensions of putters hiven shall make a pound weight averdupois as nearly as shall be found practicable without erring by designe within the space of one yeare from the date <319v> hereof by such proporions as he s|t|he sd Sr Isaac Newton or the Master & worker of the Mint for the time being shall think fitt not exceeding four Tonns in anyone Month, and do & shall well and truly pay or cause to be p.d Unto them the sd Hen: Hines and John Appleby Junr. their {Lxxi.£ \oz/} {illeg}.s 18.d for every pound weight \of Copper/ averdupois the one halfe in mony on the delivering their. Copper and the other halfe in mony and Copper Scissel within Six days after the delivery of any Copper into the mint as aforesd Then this obligaion to be void or else to {illeg}anie in full force/

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