A. R.

Our Will & pleasure is & we do hereby authorize & command you forthwith to melt down standard & coin into shillings & sixpences all such Plate as shall be brought into our Mint by vertue of our Warrant grownded on an Address of of our House of Commons (bearing eaven date with th{illeg}|e|se presents) & directed to you & other Officers of our said Mint, & that you pay the whole moneys produced there{illeg}|b|y into the Receipt of our Exchequer, & take Tallies for the same for your discharge in your accounts. And h{illeg}|e|rein \{you} {illeg}/ all other Officers of our said Mint are to give due attendance in {g}{illeg}|thei|r several station{s} {illeg}|A|nd for so doing this shall be to you & all others herein concerned a sufficient Warrant. Given

To Sr Isaac Newton
& Worker of our Mint in the
Tower of London.

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