To The Right Honble: The Lords Comissioners of his Majesties Tresurerey {sic}

May Itt Please yor Lordshipps

In Obedience to your Lordshipps directions we have Ordered the Corporation of monyers to Weigh and Value The Severall Tooles and Vtensils that was made on Account of the Late Greate Coineage both for the mint In the Tower and those In the Countrey and Vpon the Whole wee find that the {illeg}|C|ast Iron Weighes 09Tunn: 17C: 02qrs: 04li: and the Wrought Iron: 09: 09: 00: 00: The Value whereof being Very Vnconsiderable (vizd) £21.. for ye Cast Iron att one Farthing per pound weight and L88. 4. for the Wrought Iron att one penny per pound wee find that the moneyers are Willing to allow double that Vallue for them Rather then they should be demolished, and will lay upp so maney of them as will keep without spoileing \& are not of dangerous consequence to be kept/ that his majestie may have the benifitt of them if Occasion should Require and for the support of their Owne Tooles that they are Obliged to maintaine to the King

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