Of Gold & Silver monies coynd in the Tower of London & ye five Country Mints from the first of Ian/ 1695 to the 1st of Ian. 1698 excluded

Gold monies at London {illeg}803,759l.00s.00d
{ London 5057,723.11.00 }
York 308,621.13.08
Silver monies at Bristol 458,078.06.04 {illeg}|6|,859,144.08.04
Exeter 459,072.10.08
Chester {illeg}|31|6,840.06.08
Norwich 258,808.00.00
Whole summ of Gold {illeg}|&| Silver coyned in the three years aforenamed } 7,662,903.08.04
Coyned from ye last of March 1662|3| to ye last of Sept 1695 in } Gold milled monies 7,{illeg}|22|6,170. 0{illeg}|4|. 0{illeg}|6|.
Silver milled monies 3,709,435.14.04.
So that ye whole milled Cash of England is {illeg} Coyned by the m|M|ill & Press till the end of the year 1698, was, in { Cast of England\Gold milled monies/ 8,029,929.4.6
Silver milled monies 10,{illeg}|56|9,080.2.8
Gold & silver milled /monies\ 18,599,009.7.2

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