Plate Melted all the Tower Anno 1696

Weight before Melted Weight after Melted Totall Worsness Totall Wast
lwt lwtozdwt lwtozdwt lwtozdwt
22884:0:0 22716:3:15 684:11:9 167:8:5

Attest by Robert Rayner.

Exa: by Iohn Seacroft.

Totall Worsness is .... 1s: 10d14d ꝑ Lwt

Totall Wast is ..... 0: 5: 14 ꝑ Do

The weight before {illeg}|melting| by the account of Mr Reynor 22{illeg}|88|4lwt: 1oz. 15dwt

The weight after melting by ye account of Mr Reynor 22716. 3. 15 by ye Mint account 22804. 2. 0. The reason of ye difference is the recconing of an Ingot for plate by\in/ the Mint account wch {illeg}|in| {illeg}|ye| other account is recconed for hammered money.

Total worsness by both accounts 684lwt. 11oz. 9dwt.

Total wast by Mr Reynors account 167. 8. 5, by ye mint ac{illeg}|c|ount 79l{b}|wt|. 11oz. 1{illeg}|5|dwt. Granes {pd} per lwt.

Total {w}|W|orsness \of the whole/ b{illeg}|y| the mint account 7dwt. 5gr by Mr Reynors account 7dwt 5gr23. yt is 2s. 1d. per lwt

Wast of the whole by {illeg}|y|t Mint account is (2015grains, yt is 2d78 & deducting a penny for {illeg} granes or sweep there {illeg}|rem|ains) 2|1|d78 wch is yt same wast wth that of {illeg}|the|{illeg} hammered money. By Mr Reynors account ye wast is 6d. & deducting yt sweep. 5d \per lwt/ wch certainly is too much.

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