To the Rt. Honble the Lords Commrs. of his Majtys.


May it please yor Lordps.

Wee have considered the annexed Proposall abot. erecting a Mint in Ireland for coyning shillings and six pences of ye. same weight allay & stamp with those coyned in ye. Tower, and believe, yt. such a rivall Mint, may soe farr prejudice ours, as it may draw Bullion and coynage from us. And if it shall hereby increase the money of Ireland to the advantage of their Trade & Manufacture, wee are humbly of opinion that it must have the contrary effect on England. Besides the danger of setting Ireland upon a parity with England in so great a Prerogative as yt. of Coynage. For the business which {illeg}|t|hey offer us of making their Dyes and assaying their Money (that is of being their Graver and Assaymaster) gives us noe superiority. These are servile Offices which if it shall be his Majtys. pleasure to erect a Mint in that Kingdom, we humbly desire may not be imposed on us

Ireland is one of the English plantacons, & tho it has changed ye. title of Lop. to that of a Kingdom, yet it still continues annexed to the Crown of England and like the other plantacons is and ought to be inferior to this Kingdom, and subservient to it's interests. And therefore we are unwilling that any opinion of ours should be made use of for promoting any designe wch. may tend to derive thither the money and trade of this Nation, and to make them of equall dignity and dominion with our selves, and perhaps at length desirous to seperate from this Crown, upon some fitt opportunity of joyning with it's Enemies

All wch. we most humbly offer to yor Lops consideracon

and submitt to your great wisdom and judgment




Report of the Officers of ye. Mint abot. erecting a Mint in Ireland

Aug: 18 1698

[1] Mint Office Aug. 18th

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