Amendments to the Coinage Bill

fol. 3 lin 11. after the words (this present act) add (ex{illeg}|c|ept in so far as they are contrary to or inconsistent with same.

fol 4 lin 12 after (Mints) add (in England & Scotland)

fol 4 lin 2. after the word (Mints) add (In England & Scotland.)

folio 4 lin 2 after the word (Imprest) add (to the General & Masters of the said Mints respectively.

fol 4 lin 4 after the words (fifteen thousand pounds) take in the clause of Scotland marked AA.

Instead of the clause AA this is offered

Provided also & it is hereby further enacted by the authority aforesaid that it shall & may be lawfull to {illeg}|&| for the Commissioners of the Treasury or any            or m{illeg}|o|re of them now bein{illeg}|g| or the Lord High Treasurer & Vnder Treasurer {illeg}|o|r Commissioners of the Treasury for the time or any three or more of them for the time being by Order or Warrants to issue out of the Exchequer by way of Imprest & on accou\nt/ to the General {illeg}|&| Master of the Mint in Scotland for the time being out of the moneys arising by the said Coinage Duties & others above mentioned yearly & every years from {illeg}|&| after the C{illeg}|o|mmencement & during the continuance of this Act {illeg}|&| no longer, such summ or summs of money not exceeding in any {illeg}|o|ne year, the summ of |1200| pounds sterling for the fees & Salaries of the said General Master Warden Counter Warden & others Officers of the said Mint in Scotland payable in the same manner as the Salaries of the his Mats Mint in Scotland the Tower are paid & towards the providing maintaining & repairing the houses Offices & buildings of the Mint, as also such further summ yearly as shall be necessary not exceeding the summ of 500{illeg}{l} |500| pounds Sterling for defraying the charge of a gree coinage in assaying melting down coining & furnishing Tools & other necessaries in the said Mint of Scotland whereof |50| pounds sterling shall be applicable yearly towards defraying the charge & expence of the Officers & others imployed & not to be imployed in prosecuting of offences in Counterfeiting & diminishing or otherwise concerning the current coins of great Brittain in that part thereof called Scotland, any thing in the said recid|t|ed Acts, or any other law statute or usage to the contrary notwithstanding

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