To the Right honorable The Earle of Godolphin Lord high Thesaurer of great Brittain

The Supplication of Robert Millar Clerk to her majesties Mint At Edinburgh

Humbly sheweth

That the Lords of her majesties privie Council then of Scotland when setling the necessary orders and method of the recoynage, After that they had given commission to mr Rutherfurd mr Bruce and mr Broun to be the three Commissioners for taking in the money from the Bank by weight and tale, overseeing the same melted at the Mint and certifeing the deficiency They were pleased by a subsequent act (upon particular application from the Bank) To adjoyn me to the said three Commissioners for overseeing the said tale and weight And to sign with them the declarations to the Bank of the recept thereof into the Mint from time to time till the same should be melted into Ingotts and assay'd and the Master of the Mint his bonds should be given for the value

The said Lords of privie Council sensible of this great trust and trouble put {illeg} on me, extrinsick from that belongs to my office as Clerk to the Mint were then pleased for my encouragement to promise me a suitable reward

In obedience to the said order of Council and in answer to the said trust I have given punctual attendance and assistance with the said three Commissioners to the receiving of the specie by weight and tale from the bank and have signed the declarations of the same which was no small trouble to me and pains besides the great charge I had of all under my custody till the assay was past

And now that all is melted and that the three Commissioners aforsaid have made application by themselvs for a renumeration to them their Clerk and Servants without taking notice of me as being named by a subsequent act of Council separat from their Commission

I humbly beg your lop will be pleased to take my pains and trouble also under yor consideration and to direct such a gratification for me as your lop shall find just My Sallery as Clerk to the Mint being so small and unconsiderable that I am but narrowly subs{illeg}ed by it

And Yor lops petitioner shall ever pray

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