Anne R.

Whereas for the better carrying on the service of the Recoynage of the Moneys in Scotland pursuant to the acts of Parliament for the Vnion of the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland, It has been Represented by the Warden of our Mint at Edinburgh (amongst other things) That a fit person well knoun in the present Constitution and methods of the mint of England be sent doun to advise and Direct the officers of our Mint of Scotland in the present Recoynage, and in the methods of working hereafter, And whereas the Warden, Master, and Worker and Comptroller of our Mint within our Tower of London, to whom the said Memorial was referred, have proposed you as a fit person. for that service at an allowance of Two hundred and fifty pounds for three moneths stay to be reckoned from your going from hence, and in lieu of all charges, all which wee have approved of, And do hereby direct, authoriize and Impower you forthwith to repair to Edinburgh, and to be assisting to the officer of our mint there, by overseeing and directing all the officer according to the method of our Mint in England, for your Expences and pains in the said service for the said three moneths, Wee do hereby signifie, declare and direct, That you shall be allowed and payd the said summ of Two hundred and fifty pounds in such manner as our High Treasurer of Great Britain or the Commissioners of our Treasury for the time being shall think fit, And if it shall so happen that our serive in our mint of Scotland should require your continuance there longer than the said three moneths, Our pleasure is, And wee do hereby direct, authorize and Command, That there shall be such further allowance payd to you as our said High Treasurer or Commissioners of the Treasury shall think reasonable. And all our officers of our mint at Edinburgh are to take notice hereof and Govern themselvs accordingly Given at our Court and Windsore Castle the 12th day of Iuly 1707 in the sixth year of our Reign

By Her Majestys Command
{suvscryed} thus. Godolphin

[1] <180v>

Queens Warrant appoynting David Gregory Esquire to direct the officer of the Mint of Scotland in the methods of the English Mint

[1] To our Trusty and wel beloved
David Gregory Esquire

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