After our hearty commendations, Whereas by the Indent{illeg}|ure| of ye Mint \here|in| the Tower/ you are authorized by wth ye consent of the General of ye Mint in Scotland to make two \standard {illeg}/ Piles of standard Troy weights of England & deliver one of them by {illeg}|B|ill indented to ye said General {illeg}|&| such a Pile is now requisite for ye use of the said & \whereas the service of that\that/ Mint {illeg} {requires}\requires/ h{illeg} so that/ the consent of the said General cannot n{illeg}|ow|{illeg} be had wth sufficient speed th{is}|es||e| and therefore to direct \& require/ to yo make two such Piles wth |all| the usual {illeg} \possible exactness/ \in the exactest manner that/ \that may be/ {illeg}|w|thout the {cons} staying for the consent of the said General \& to \examin &/ stamp them wth the arms of great Br. crowned/ {illeg}|&| to deliver one of them to the Sr David Nairn \K./ Principal secretary of State Depute
to be {illeg}|by| him sent to the said General into Scotland & there delivered to the said Genl upon his {s} by Bill indented. And for so doing he giving such a receipt as by the \said/ Indenture is directed.

To my very loving Friend
Sr Iohn Stanley Baront
Warden of her Majts Mint
in the Tower.

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