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It is our Will and Pleasure, and Wee do hereby Authorize and Require you to Coyn the Silver Imported into Our Mint at Edinburgh; into Crowns, Halfe Crowns, Shillings & Sixpences, with the Dyes that shall be sent you for Our Mint in the Tower of London, or with such Dyes as shall be made by Puncheons sent to you from thence, To the Intent that the said Moneys Coynd in that Our Mint at Edinburgh may be perfectly like those Coynd in Our Mint in the Tower of London; Excepting the Letter E sett under our Effigies to distinguish the moneys Coynd in the said two Mints; And Wee do further Authorize you to Comand the Graver of Our said Mint at Edinburgh to Clean & Polish the Dyes in due manner from tyme to tyme, and to make New Dyes with the Puncheons sent from the Mint in the Tower of London, And also to make new Puncheons, and to use them for making of Dyes; so soon as they shall be approved by you; and by the General Warden and Counter Warden of Our said Mint att Edinburgh for making Dyes to Coyn the Money in that Our Mint; perfectly like the Moneys Coynd in our Mint in the Tower of London. And Wee do further Require you to Coyn Our Tenth part of the Silver Imported into Sixpences; Four Tenth parts into shillings; Three Tenths into Halfe Crowns, and the rest into Crown peices {sic}; For doing of all which this shall be yor Warrant Given att Our Court att Windsor Castle, the 20th day of Iune 1707 And of Our Reign the Sixth Year

To           Allardice Esqr
Master of Our Mint att

By his Maties Command
Sir S{illeg}th Loudoun



The Maties Warrant to the Master of the Mint att Edinburgh

20th Iune

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