To the Rt Honble Sidney Earl of Godolphin Lord High Treasurer

May it please yor Lordp

Attending my Lp Chancellour of Scotland on thursday last about the Mint at Edinborough, his Lordp proposed to us to lay before your Lordp a Memorial concerning some things to be considered by the Committee of Council wch is to sit to day upon the affairs of Scotland.

His Lordp is considering whether the Pix of that Mint may not be still tried before her Majties Council in Scotland as formerly. And if so, We are humbly of opinion that that {sic} in conformity to the Act of Vnion there may be made seven indented Trial pieces of Crown gold & seven of standard silver; two of each metal to be kept in the two Treasuries to try the Pixes of the two Mints; two of each for the Wardens of the two Mints to try the moneys before delivery, & to decide questions between the Master & Importer about the fineness of the bullion; two of each for the Masters of the two Mints to make the moneys by, & one of each for the Wardens & Company of Goldsmiths to try their plate & manufactures of gold & silver. It will be also convenient that a Pile of standard Troy weights be made for the Treasury in Scotland by the Deputy Chamberlains of the Exchequer, if it be not already done. But if both Pixes be tried by the original standard weights at Westminster, six Trial pieces will be sufficient

The Indenture of the Mint directs that two Piles of standard Troy weights be made by the Warden of the Mint & one of them delivered to the General of the Mint in Scotland. They may be printed like the weights sent to the Corporations & in the absence of the General delivered to your Lordships order.

For setting the coynage speedily on foot in that Mint, her Maty may please to issue out her Warrant to the General & other Officers with a copy of the Indenture of the Mint in the Tower annexed to it, authorising \& requiring/ them to act {illeg}|un|der those Rules there set down wch relate to their several Offices, & particularly that the Master coyn all the moneys of the weight & fineness & within the remedy|ies| there set down & take care that the several pieces be not lighter then their counterpoises, & that the Warden & Counter-warden survey & Che the proceedings of all the other Officers & Ministers & see that the moneys be well & duly coyned in all respects & that an account be kept of the Dyes & Puncheons.

Another Warrant may be directed to the Master of that Mint authorising him to command the Graver to make Puncheons & Dyes for coyning the money of the same form with the money coyned in the Tower of London, & to use such master Puncheons as shall be sent him from the Tower untill the Puncheons made by him self shall be approved by the Officers of that Mint, & to set the letter E (the first letter of the name of the City of Edinborough) {illeg}|o|r such other mark as shall be appointed under her Maties effigies, as in the specimens of Dyes wch will be sent him from the Tower, that the money of the two Mints may thereby distinguished.

An Instrument may be drawn up at any time hereafter, either in the form of an Indenture between her Maty & the Master of that Mint, or in the form of a Warrant, prescribing the duty of every Officer in particular.

In the late recoinage of the hammered moneys in England, one tenth part of the silver was coyned into sixpences & four tenths into shillings; & the same proportion may be prescribed in one of the Warrants above mentioned, if it be thought fit.

The Gravers tell us that Puncheons & two pair of Dyes for shillings with the new arms, will be ready to be sent to Edinborough within a fortnight. And while they are coyning shillings in that Mint, there may be Puncheons made for coyning other money. For it may be convenient to send them the first Puncheons from hence that the money of both Mints may be exactly alike. And if more Puncheons be at any time desired we are ready <190v> to furnish them, the same being paid for out of moneys belonging to that Mint


All which is most humbly submitted to yor Lordps great wisdome

Is Newton

In Ellis

[1] Mint Office. May 31.

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