To the Rt Honble the Earl of Godolphin Lord High Treasurer.

May it please yor Lordp

The things directed |b|yr {sic} yor Lordp to be provided by us for her Majts Mint in Scotland are put on board to be sent thither, excepting the weights & scales wch are already made, but the weights are not yet sized for want of authority to make & mark the standard weights.

We therefore humbly desire her Majts Order may be directed to the Warden of this Mint to make two exact Piles of Standard weights & to examin & mark them with the new mark before the Officers of this Mint & to deliver one of the Piles to the General of the Mint of Scotland by Bill indented according to the directions of the Indenture of this Mint.

And we further lay before your Lordp that for setting on foot the coynage in Scotland it will be necessary convenient that {illeg}ye Lord Chancellour of great Britain do summon a jury of Goldsmiths to make six new indented Trial pieces of crown gold & as many of standard silver to be delivered as has been usual: two of wch are to be sent into Scotland as we mentioned to your Lordship in a former memorial.

All wch is most humbly submitted to yor
Lordps great wisdome.


I Stanley

Is. Newton

In Ellis

[1] Mint Office 26 May. 1707.

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