<Mint 19/1/179r>
11 {illeg} Five hundred {pound} weight of blistered steel at 412d per lwt 10. 10. 00
12 {illeg} German steel fit for {illeg}|D|yes & Puncheons is scarce to be met with in shops. Our Smith sends into Germany for it. It is of various prizes from 8d to 12 or 14d pr lwtt. At 10d pr lwt{sic} 2|T|wo hundred pound weights amounts to may cost about } 9. 06. 08
10. 00. 00
7 {illeg} Fifty pound weight of Mercury at 6s pr lwt 15. 00. 00
8 {illeg} Cast Rollers are not to be bought. The Inventor keeps the secret to himself & only lends them to the Moneyers in the Tower at a certain rate pr diem. Hammered Rollers are less servicable being apt to sink & a greater number of them must be used they cost about 60li pr pair, &|a||t| wch rate 5 pair will cost } 30. 00. 00
6 {illeg} {1}|O|ne Sweep Mill 6
1 Two|One| Pyles of weights are necessary {one} \standard weights 2li. 10s One/ set of Bell weights for gold 2li. One set of Bell weights for silver 4li. 10s. Two sets of penny weights grains & coyn-weights 9s } 6. 19. 00
2 Two douzen of sizing scales wth counter poizes at 10li pr dozen 20. 00. 00
3 A pair of gold scales wth a stand for weighing about 15lwt 7. 10. 00
4 Two Assay Ballances wth \Lanthorns &/ standar{s}|t||s| weights at 5li a ballance & 2li weights (One pair of Assay-ballances (7li may be sufficient){)} } 14. 00. 00
5 {illeg} A set of brass patterns for making moulds to cast Ingots of Gold & silver
x Bone ashes 30 Bushels at about 12s pr bushel 18. 00. 00
9 {illeg} Five hundred weight of Alume at at {sic} about 22s pr hundred 5. 10. 00
   We make no use of winestone.
16 Two large books of \fine/ Vellum at 1s 6d per skin or leaf & 80 leaves to a book 1{illeg}|2|sh. We use only Books of good Paper. } 12.
10 Twenty four douzen of Iusting Flots (if Rasps for sizing be hereby meant) at about \2s. 6d or/ 3s pr Flot } 43. 4
13 Files of several sorts for the Graver & Smith & Engineer \about/ 10. 00. 00
14 Two Grindstones 1li, A table Vice 1li. 10s, Two oylestones 1li 3. 10. 00
5 Two Copel molds\A{illeg}/ 10s. Five do{illeg}|z|en of Muffles 1li. 5s. Bone ashes 30 \A piece of brass Calms 7s/ bushels at about 12s pr bushel 18li } 1. 15. 00 {illeg}|20|. {illeg}|02|. 00
15 Two dozen of large scratch brushes at 1s 6d pr brush. six small scratch brushes for ye Graver at 2s pr {illeg}|b|rush. Twelve douzen of hard hand brushes at 3d a piece & one dozen of soft brushes at 6d a piece } 4. 10. 00
1{illeg}7 Charcoal {illeg}|a|n hundred bushels, at about 20d pr sack 4. 3. 4
18 A siseing Mill 218. 1. 8
222. 5. 0
<Mint 19/3/76r>
One set of Bell weights for Gold 36lwt 20.0.0
One set of Bell weights for silver 81lwt 4.10.0
Two sets of penny weights & grains & coyn weights 0.{illeg}|4|.0|6|
One douzen of sizing scales {illeg}|w|th counter-poizes at 11s a piece {illeg}|6|.1{illeg}|2|.0
One pair of cast Rollers
One set of brass patterns for casting the &

{illeg}|I|f more sets of these things be wanted they may be either brought here\in shops/ or made in {illeg}|S|cotland by these patterns

In obedience to yor Lops Order of ye 3d Instant we have considered the Inventory \therewith sending/ of Tools & other necessarys proposed to be provided in London for \the use of/ her Majties Mint in Scotland, & are humbly of Opinion that besides the {illeg} two Pyles of Standard weights, & two trial pieces for crown gold & two trial pieces for standard silver mentioned in or last report, it may be convenient to send \to/ them from her Maties Mint in the Tower the following Tools things wch we have \here/ set down in the following list \weight their prizes as follows/

Two sets of great \bell/ weights one\one/ for gold, the other\& two one/ for silver.

Two sets of penny weights & grains & two of Coyn-weights.

One d{illeg}|o|uzen of sizing scales with counterpoizes

Two \Or/ pair of cast Roller for \a/ patter{illeg}|n| to make others by

{P}|T|wo sets of brass patterns for casting:

The \blisterd/ steel, Brushes {illeg}\the German steel, the/ Mercury, Alume, winestone, Charcoal, Bone ashes, \Coppel moulds, Mufflers, Essay ballances, Brass Calms,/ Books of Vellum, Fla Iusting Flots, files, Brushes, Table vices, Grindstones, Oyle stones & sweep-milnes \are useful in coyning &/ may be provided by the Officers of that Mint as formerly, \they being to be had in shops, &/ the new Mint not differing in these things from the old. However we have set down their prizes in the following schedule & are \copy of the schedule sento us by yor Lops Order/ ready \(if desired)/ to assist them in procuring what they want from London they paying for the same.

What they mean by a sizeing Miln & Iusting flots we do not understand, having no such names of tools in use amongst us

<Mint 19/3/76v>
Blistered S{e}|t|eel at 4d12 pr lwt 10. 10. 00
German steel at 8d or 10d \or 12d/ pr lwt 0{illeg}|9|. 0{0}|6|. 00|8|

Steel 700lwt {{illeg}|2|00} at about 8d 10g or 1s pr lwt according to yr goodness & scarcity \& 500 at 412/ } {illeg}|2|0li. 00. 00
Four pair of cast Rollers at 6li a pair 24. 00. 00
Two douzen of large scratch brushes 1. 12. 00
One douzen of large Scratches the one half thereof of Wier }
Twenty four dozen of Iusting Flots \(if {illeg}|R|asps for siseing be hereby meant) at 1li. 16s pr dozen/ } 43. 4. 00
Twelve dozen of Iusting hard hand brushes \at 3d a piece/ with one dozen of soft brushes |at \ab{out}/ about 6d a piece| } {illeg}|2|. {illeg}|0|{illeg}2. 00
Fifty pounds wtt of Mercury at 6s pr lwt 15. 00. 00
Brass Patterns for the making molds for casting ye barrs at 1lib pr sett }
Five hundred {illeg}|l|wtt of Alume at 22s pr lwtt\Cwt/ & two hundred lwt of red-winestone at pr lwt }
One sweep Mill 6li 6li
One sizing Mill (if a Cutter\{justening} Mill/ be hereby meat {sic}
One Pyle of Weights wth the divisions of the penny wt from ye ounce } 2. 10. 00
Two dozen of sizeing scales and counterpoises at 10li pr douzen 20. 00. 00
A pair of Gold scales wth a{n} stand 7. 10. 00
An hundred bushels of Charcoal at 10d pr bushel 3. 06. 08\4. 3 4/
Bone ashes 30 bushells at about 12s pr bushel 18. 00. 00
Two Assay ballances wth standarts & Lanthorns & weights at 5li a Ballance & 2li weights } 14. 00. 00
A Table Vice |at 1s pr Two lwt| {illeg}|2|. 0|1|0. 00
Two Copel moulds 10s five douzen of Muffles about 1li 5s 1. 15. 00
A pair of Brass Calms a foot long for casting assay bl|u|llets 0. 0{illeg}|7| 00
Three douzen of hand files \1l. {|1|9|5|}s/, two douzen of round files \{7}|1|li 10s/, ons dozen of half round files \15s/, one dozen of douce files {illeg}|3|li. 1{illeg}|0|s } {4}|7|. {illeg}|00|. 00
Two large books of fine Ve{illeg}|l|lum |at 1s 6 a fine small skin wch makes a leafe, & 80 leaves in a book| } 12. 00. 00
Two Grindstones 1. 00. 00
For the Graver two Oylestones 1li tne files 1li. {10}|16|s six small scratch brushes 12s } 3. 0{2}|8|. 00

An iron mold a foot long foot for casting assay bullets is worth about 5s, a brass one may be worth 6 or 8s.
<Mint 19/3/77v>

Two Pyles of Standard weights & tryal pieces are already reported necessary.

{illeg}|T|wo sets of great weights one for gold the other fold silver

Two sets of penny weights & grains & two of coyn-weights

Two |One| douzen of sizing weights\scales/ with counterpoizes.

Four |Two| pair of cast Rollers for {illeg}|p|atterns to make others by.

Two |One| Essay {sic} Ballance{sic} with standarts & essay {sic} weights.

A pair of brass Calms.

Brass Patterns for casting

A sweep Miln.

A siseing Miln.

The steel, \Mercury,/ Alume,|&| Wynestone, are merchantable commodities & may be hand in Scotland \as formerly/ & so may the files, flotts, Brushes, Charcoal, Bone ashes, Table Vices, Copel moulds, Mufflers, Books of Vellum, Grindstones, & Oylestones, Sweep-millns \brass Calms & Essay {sic} Ballances/. In these things the new Mint will not differ from ye old.

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