Act of parliament anent {sic} the Mint

Iuly 22d 1690

Our Soveraign Lord and Lady the King and Queens Maties and three Estates of parliament Considering that by the act of parliant 1636 for a free coinage ther is only alloued Eighteen pounds scots upon the stone weight of silver for Defraying the whole Charge, vast Expences and Loss upon its coinage, which allowance is found by Experience to be too small and insufficient: Therfor their maties with advice and consent of the saids Estates do herby Rescind in all time Comeing that Clause of the forsaid act; And further statute and Ordain that the master of the mint have alloued to him in time coming tuenty pound scots in stead of the said Eighteen pound scots upon the stone weight of silver As the Iust and reasonable allowance for defraying ye. said Charge Expence and Loss upon its coinage in maner provided in the said act

Observe a Scots stone weight is in English weight troy 20 pd ij ounces 7 penny wght 14 Graines


Act of Parliat
Anent {sic}
An Additional allownace for ye Expences of ye Coynadge

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