A Scheame {sic} of the Trade as it is at prsent carried on Betwee{n} England and France in the Comodities of the Native Product and Manufacture of each Country Calculated Exactly as Possible in Obedience to the Commands of the Rt. Honoble. the Lords Commr for the Treaty of Commerce with France and humbly tendred to their Lordpps being the Intrinsi{c}k value of Goods Exported and Imported to and froom France menconed in fol 5 and 6th of this Booke

Quantities Comodities {sic} Expor{illeg}|te|d from England into France Amount of ꝑticulrs Totall amount of Exports Quantities Comodities {sic} Imported into England from France Amount of ꝑticulrs. Totall amount of Imports
Woollen and Silk Manufactures Linnen and Silk Manufactures
354 ꝑr Norwch. Stuffs at 2liꝑr 708 6000 ꝑr Lockeram and Dowlas at 6lip 360000
5564 ꝑr {Serges} and ꝑ petuanas at 50s 13910 5000ll Ells Normandy Canvas at 7li pCElls 35000
2288 ꝑr Single Bays at 50s 5764/20\ 17000ll Ells Vittery and Noyalls Canvas at 6li ꝑ C 102000
166 Small Munkin Bays at 6li 996 2500 ꝑs Quintius at 10s 1250
466 s of \Small/ Double Bays at 4li 1864 1500 s Died Linnen at 20s 1500
2140 doz. Mens Worsted Hose at 40s 4280 7604 Yds Dia{pr} Tabling at 2s 760. 8
832 doz. Mens Worsted hose at 25s 1040 33894 Yds Ditto Napkening at 1s 1694. 14
{illeg}|11|70 doz. Childrens hose at 8s 468 1376 doz. Burkerancs at 50s 3440
400 Yds Flainell at 12d 20 1200 Both Pole Davis at 15s 900
1200 Goads of Cotten at 9li 10800 2820 ꝑr of Old Sheets at 5s 705
112 Long Cloakes at 10li 1120 150000 Of Wrtt Silkes at 40s 300000
42 Short Cloathes at 8li 336 Note that this Year 1674 there hath been Recd t the Port of Dover onely as wee are informed 15000li for Custome of wrtt silkes soe that considring wt may bee convey'd away privately and that great Quantities are worth from 3 to 4li the pound wee beleive {sic} the wrtt silkes may amount to mine more then the value of what is above
829 Spanish Cloathes at 15li 12435
97 Northern doz. double at 5li 485
69 Single Northern doz. at 40s 138
13 Devon. doz at 2li 26
173 Cloth Rasher 865
6 Demistons at 3li 18 807250200
3585 Kersies at 35s 6273|34| 11000 Tuns French Wines one year with another }
960li English Wrtt Silke at 40s 1920 Cost 12li 10s ꝑ Tunn{illeg} 137500
4000 Tuns Brandy one yre with another at 20li ꝑ Tun 80000
63466/2212\ 217500
160000 Reames of Paper at 5s ꝑ Reame 40000
This is the full of wt. was Exported according to the Custome-house Booke in the Port of London from {illeg}{illeg}{illeg} to Ditto 1669 and for all England wee Calculate 13t more amount in all to pd of Pruins at 4li 6000
Wt. of Feathers at 5li 2000
Of Kid Skins at 3li 15000
/84563\6/13\8/4\ Wey salt at 2li ꝑ Wey 6000
Since 1669 the Exports as wee {illeg}|c|on{illeg}|ce|ive are Diminished and not increased Wt Rossin at 8sll 2400
Vinegar Rape Syder Wadd Corke Oakham Soape Turpetine {sic} Capers Other {Tengulas} Parchmt Window Glasses {Tearzells} Corn Fans Basketrods Boxwood Cronia Tartar wch may amount ꝑ Ann at least to
2500 Foddr of Lead at 12li ꝑ Foddr 30000
6000 Wt Tinne at 4li 24000
100 Tunn of Allome at 24li 2400 4000
Calves skins and Leathers 10000
Seuall sorts of skings Gleu Lanthorn-leaves Buttr Copper as Old shoes Sea-coals Tobacco pixes Gloves Redlead Linseed Candles ironware Haberdashry wareand othr Triviall Comodities {sic} wch may amont. to ꝑ Annum Besides all manner of Toys for Children and women Fans Iessamine Gloves Lases Point-Cases Rich Embroidred Garmts and Rich Embroidred Beds and other vestmts wch are of an incredible value } 111400
2000 86400

By the Acct above your Lordspps may ꝑceive that {illeg}|th|e Linnen and Silke Manufactures onely Imported from France Amount to upwards of 800000li and that the Manufactures of Wooll and Silke Exported from England thither doe not amount to 85000li As alsoe that all the other Comodities of the ꝑduct and Manufacture of France Imports to upwards of 320000li besides an incredible value of Toys Rich Appll Pointlace {illeg} Soe that it is apparent that the Exports of our Native Comodities and Manufactures to France are Less in value by at the least One Million of Pounds Sterling then the Native Comodities and Manufac{illeg}|t|ures of France which wee Receive from thence And if it please yor Lordspps to reflect there upon your Lordspps will easily diserne {sic} the great Prejudise {sic} the English nacon hath sustained and the great advantages the French have and doe dayly make by holding this Treaty in Suspence, This Nacon being upon the matter Excluded trade thither while in the meane time the French enjoy all and as great Advantages as they can reasonably expect by any Treaty

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