May it please your Lordps

In obedience to your Lordps commands that I should attend at the office of his Mats. Mint within the Tower of London to see the opening of the Pix kept for the Coynage of Copper halfpence and farthings.   I went this day and saw the Box opened, and several parcells weighed, and found 23 pence to be full one pound weight.

I then went with Sir Isaac Newton & others into the assay office, where six \of the/ old half pence, which were made by the former Contractors, were put into the fire, and then tryed with a hammer, whether they would bear beating out but they all flew and broke in pieces.

Then six of those lately made by Sir Isaac Newton, which have been passed in payments abroad, were tryed, and they all bore the Hammer when red hot without breaking or Cracking.

Lastly Wee took out a considerable quantity of the halfpence and farthings that were in the Pix, and after heating them red hot they were beaten out with a Hammer without Breaking or Cracking.

All which farthings and half pence

so tryed, are herewith humbly laid

before your Lordps

R Powys


[1] 27 Octor. 1722

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