To the Rt Honble Sidney Ld Godolphin Lord High Treasurer of England.

May it please yor Lordp

There is due to me from the Civil List 2485li. 18s. 3d12 for {illeg}|M|edals for her Majties Coronation \the summ of 2485. 18. 312, & for the payment of this debt I conceive the civil List to be the proper fund{sic}/. I am now to make up my Accompts for the year ending this Ch{illeg}|ris|tmas & that I may be able to ballance this part of the my Accompts I humbly pray yor Lordp that the money above mentioned may be imprest to me upon Accompt before the year expire.

All wch is most humbly submitted &c.

Is. Newton


September 24th 1713

Received of Sr Isaac Newton Master & Worker of her Maties Mint two hundred & fifty Medals of fine gold weighing one hundred eighty & four ounces five penny weight & nineteen grains, vizt 16 Iuly last 150 medals by my own hands weighing 110oz. 9dwt. 18gr 24th Septemb. last, 50 medals by the hands of Mr Taylor weighing 36oz 12dwt & 50 medals by the hands of the most Honble the Earl of Oxford & Earl Mortimer Ld High Treasurer of great Britain weighing 37oz. {illeg}|4|dwt. 1gr. I say received the said \in all/ 250 Medals by me weiging {sic} 184oz– 5dwt.– 19gr.



150 Medals. Wt 110.9.18 Symbol (tick) in text
50 37.4.1 Symbol (tick) in text
50 36.12.0 Symbol (tick) in text

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