A Bill of Incidents. from ye. 5th. of Novemr. 1688

to ye. last of Sepr. 1689.

Novemr.15th. Pd. for 3 hampers 5.0
Paid for Candlesticks & Snuffers for ye. Office, and mending some Glass} –.6.11.
1688 Mar{h} ye.16. Pd. for a Warrt. & Order for 5000£. 6.\X/7.6.
Pd. at {S|D|}r. Robt. Howards Office for ye. Imprest Role 2.0.0
20. To Mr. Attorney Generall 3 Guineas 3.4.6
Pd. Coach hire to Westminster {&} 2 Coaches from Westminster with 2{illeg}|6|75£ 7s 6d. from ye Excheqr} 0.7.6
Pd. for 2 Prints of Theire Maties. for ye. Engravers –.2.6
1689.25 Pd. for ye. Kings Warrt. for makeing Punchions for ye. Moneys. 3.10.
Pd. for ye. Order of Councell or Warrt. for Meddalls for ye. Coronation} 1.10.0
Pd. for under writing ye. Order of Councell for ye Coronation Meddalls} 1.10.0
To a Messinger that brought a Messin|ua|ge{illeg} from Hampton court} –.1.0
26. Pd. Coach hire to hampton Court & back & Charges there. 2.0.0
Pd. for. 2 Fyles for Coronation Meddall 7.6
Aprill ye.1t. To. ye. Chancellor of ye Excheqr.s Secratary for ye. Masters Accot ending ye. last of Sepr. 1687} 1.10.0
To ye. Chancellors Secratary. for. ye. Allowance of ye. Bill of Incidents & Excheqr. Charges} 1.5.0
To his Clerke & ye. Chancellors Servants 1.2.6
25. To Mr. Langford for. ye. Kings Warrt. being another Warrt. for Puncheons.} 3.10.0
29. Pd. for. 2 Boxes. to hold ye. Impressions of ye Great Seale} —.1.6
May.8. To. ye Lord Dallemeares Brother for. ye. Masters Accot. ending ye. last of Sepr 1687.} 1.10.0
To his Clarke & my Lords Servants –.15.0
14. Pd. for his Maties. Wart. for altering scales 3.10.
Iune.15. Pd. Mr. Langford for a Wart. & Order for 10000£. 5.\X/12.6
17. Pd. for ye Duke of Norfolkes Warrt. for altering ye. Armes. in ye. Coynes} 1{5}4.0
20 Pd. for ye. Kings Warrt. for altering ye. Armes in ye Silver. 6.7.6
Iuly.3. To Mr. Attorney Generall 3 Guineas 3.4.6
29 Pd {Irs}kine for Broomes for ye. Office & Mint. –.23.
Augt. ye.1st. Pd. for ye. Kings Warrt. about ye. half Guineas 3.10.0
To ye. Messinger that brought it –.2.6
Augt. ye.17 Pd. for 19dwt. 3gr. of silver to make good a losse by Rateing 0.5.0
To a Messinger from a Committe of ye house of Com̄ons |to attend them| about. the Cut of Multiplying of Gold & Silver} –.2.6
19. Pd. at. ye. Treary for declayreing ye Master Accot. ending ye. last of Sepr. 1687.} 1.17.6
To a Messinger of. ye. Treary to carry it to ye. Auditors –.2.6
To Dullow for {Watridge} to ye. Wardens severall times –.2.0
Lost by the tale of Moneys & abd Moneys by ye. Moneys Recd out of ye. Excheqr. to ye last Sepr 1689.} 2.11.6
Coach hire boat hire & other Expences. from ye. 5th. of Novemr. 1688 to ye last of Sepr. 1689.} 12.17.0
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Bill of charges
from 1688 to 1689



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