Links to Other Material about Newton

  • The Chymistry of Isaac Newton
    Our sister project in the US, which is preparing transcriptions and modern scientific analyses of Newton’s alchemical writings and laboratory practice
  • Isaac Newton: Theology, Prophecy, Science and Religion
    Writings on Newton by S.D. Snobelen, a member of the Newton Project’s editorial board and director of the Newton Project Canada
  • Portraits of Newton
    A rich collection of images, from majestic oil paintings to an old one pound note
  • Neutonus Reformatus
    A new analysis of Newton’s ‘geometric theory of motion and natural philosophy’ by Ed Dellian, the translator of Newton’s ‘Principia’ into German (Felix Meiner Verlag: Hamburg, 1988)
  • The Isaac Newton Resources Page
    An excellent source of further links to online resources concerning Newton’s life, work and manuscripts, hosted by the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727)
    An extensive but accessible biographical account by Newton Project co-director Rob Iliffe, hosted by the online Literary Encyclopedia
  • Isaac Newton
    A general introduction hosted by BBC History
  • Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)
    Entry on Newton from ‘A Short Account of the History of Mathematics’ (4th ed., 1908) by W.W. Rouse Ball: a thoroughgoing (if now somewhat dated) account of his life and scientific importance; aimed at the technically-minded with a reasonable grounding in maths
  • Sir Isaac Newton
    A good biographical account for the general reader by R.A. Hatch
  • Newton, Isaac (1642-1727)
    Another by E. Weisstein
  • Isaac Newton
    From the useful compendium of introductory scientific biographies hosted by St Andrews University
  • Sir Isaac Newton: The Universal Law of Gravitation
    An accessible and entertaining explanation of the theory, with a delightful animation of Newton being (literally) struck by it
  • Newtonia in Cambridge University Library
    A database of papers by or related to Newton held by Cambridge University Library
  • The King’s School, Grantham
    Virtual tour of the school Newton attended in his teens

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