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A Dissertation upon the Sacred Cubit of the Jews and the Cubits of the several Nations

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: John Greaves, Miscellaneous Works of Mr. John Greaves, Professor of Astronomy in the University of Oxford, vol. 2 (London: 1737), pp. 405-433.

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[1] (a) Vitruvius lib. 3. Hero in Isagoge. Hesychius. Suidas in vocibus ωλέθρον & ωους. Columella lib. 5. de Re Rusticâ, qui cubitum nominat semipedem, quasi pedis & semis. Vid. & Frontin. de Limit. Agrorum; & Isidor. Hispalensem, lib. 15. c. 15. Authors are agreed upon these Cubits, amongst whom Agricola and Mr. Greaves are especially to be consulted.

[2] (b) Abulfedæ Geograph. Arab. and Muhammed Ibn Mesoud, quoted by Mr. Greaves.

[3] (c) Pilgrimage, par. I. lib. I. c. II.

[4] (d) Vide Hygin. de Limitib. constituend. & Siculum Flaccum de Condit. Agrorum.

[5] (e) Hygin. de Limit. constit.

[6] (f) This proportion is expressly set down in Mishnaioth, Tract. de Ghaburim, cap. 4. ה in Comment.

[7] Josephus in Prologo Belli Judaici.

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