Catalogue Entry: THEM00137

Untitled Treatise on Revelation (section 1.2)

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: Yahuda Ms. 1.2, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

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Sotheby Lot

SL227 and 2 bundles from SL228; also (according to a note appended to Yahuda Var. 1 Ms. 10) 8 ff. of SL248; possibly other material

[1] a. χορτος gramen apud sacros scriptor pro herba usurpori solet ut in Mat 6.30, & 13.26. Marc 4.28. Iacob 1.10. 1 Pet 1.24.

[2] This & the next Article are to be transposed

[3] i.e. of God ch 4.2.

[4] a. ἐσφαγμένην ἐις θάνατον. wounded to death ch 13.3.

[5] b. ὁ ἔχει τὴν πληγὴν της μαχάιρας, καὶ ἔζησε Quæ habet vulnus ensis et vixit. vers. 14. i.e. Quæ habet vulnus jam sanatum et revixit. Non enim dicit: Quæ habet et vivit, sed verba in diverso tempore posita sunt ut ἔζησε ad initium restitutæ vitæ referatur dum ἔχει indefinitè respicit omne tempus post acceptum vulnus.

[6] ἡ πληγὴ του θανάτου ἀυτου. vers 12.

[7] a. αδόκιμοι non probati, adulterini.

[8] ἡ ἀποστασία

[9] a. Sect 4 hujus

[10] * θυμος

[11] a.. μίαν αἵραν the same or the first hower with the Beast. So Aristophanes μίαν δικάσαντες judging the same judgment & μίαν ναμαχήσαντες fighting the same seafight. ἡ οὐὰι ἡ μία the first wo, Rev 9.12. ἡμέρα μία the first day Gen 1.5. μία σαββάτων the first day of the week Marc 16.2. Iohan 20.16

[12] a. i.e. giddy {&} reeling into errors. Fig    

[13] a Iosephus contra Appionem lib: 1. Petavius

[14] b. Arrianus lib 2.

[15] a. See chap 13.

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