Catalogue Entry: THEM00093

De Gravitatione et æquipondio fluidorum

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MS Add. 4003, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK

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On the front cover in Thomas Pellet's hand: 'Sep 25 1727/ Not fit to be printed/ Tho Pellet'.

Ostensibly a dissertation on hydrostatics, more properly an attack on the supposedly atheistic philosophy of Descartes. Probably associated with the Principia.

Transcription and English translation in A.R. and M.B. Hall, Unpublished Scientific Papers, 90-156.

[1] * Part 2 Epist 96 ad Mersennum.

[2] a Ax 1.

[3] b contra Def

[4] a Ax 1.

[5] b contra Def

[6] a Ax 1.

[7] b contra Def

[8] a Ax

[9] b Def

[10] a Ax.

[11] b Secundum jam demonstrata

[12] a Ax.

[13] c Def

[14] d Cor 2.

[15] a Ax.

[16] a Ax.

[17] b Cor 4

[18] c Cor 2

[19] The contents of this note are only visible in the diplomatic transcript because they were deleted on the original manuscript

[20] d Contra Hypoth.

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