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Reviews of Three French and English Biographies of Newton

Author: Thomas Galloway

Source: ‘Reviews of Three French and English Biographies of Newton’, Foreign Quarterly Review, No. 12 (1833), pp. 1-27.

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Exposition du Systeme du Monde, p. 419.


Commercium Epistolicum, 2d ed. p. 141.


Pro differentiis igitur Leibnitianis D. Newtonus adhibet, semperque adhibuit, fluxiones; . . . iisque tam in suis Principiis Naturæ Mathematicis, tum in aliis postea editis, eleganter est usus; quemadmodum et Honoratus Fabrius in sua Synopsi Geometrica motuum que progressus Cavallerianæ methodo substituit.


The words of the original are "cum ad Archiepiscopum Cantabrigiensem venisset." As Newton frequently resided in London at that time, it is not improbable that the Archbishop of Canterbury is the person meant.


Edinburgh Review, No. CXI.

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