Catalogue Entry: OTHE00065


Author: John T. Young

Source: Faith, Medical Alchemy and Natural Philosophy: Johann Moriaen, Reformed Intelligencer, and the Hartlib Circle (Aldershot: 1998).

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[1] 'Der herr obligirt vnß andere doch vnd thut eben genug daß er das werckh dirigirt die Correspondentz pflanzet vnd erhält vnd einem Ieden das seinige verschafft vnd zuesendet was die kosten belanget die behören von den Liebhabern gesambter hand getragen zue werden' - Moriaen to Hartlib, 13 Dec. 1638, HP 37/2B.

[2] Webster, Great Instauration, 484-520.

[3] Trevor-Roper, 'Three Foreigners: The Philosophers of the Puritan Revolution', in Religion, the Reformation and Social Change (London, 1967), 237-93.

[4] Richard H. Popkin, The Third Force in Seventeenth-Century Thought (Leiden, 1992), 90-91.

[5] Ibid., 95.

[6] In the print edition of this book, I give a seriously misleading account of Popkin's analysis, an account which says more about what I had been looking for in his work than about what he actually wrote.

[7] Popkin, The Third Force, 111.

[8] See above, pp. 90 and 103.

[9] 'was Er suchet ist noch vngewiß vnd darzue nur ein particular stuckh. Was Er aber bereit weiß vnd pstirn kan in elaborando Logistica speciosa das ist ganz gewiß darzue ein Uniuersal werckh dareus [sic] dergleichen vnzehliche particularia von sich selbsten entspringen werden' - Moriaen to Hartlib, 14 Nov. 1639, HP 37/47A. On Moriaen's and Pell's involvement with Cartesian optics, see above, pp. 22-3.

[10] Worsley to ?, 14 Feb. 1655/6, HP 42/1/5A (cf. Romans 9:16, and see fuller quote above, p. 233).

[11] I am uncomfortably aware that this statement is a good deal more debatable in 2006 than it was when I first wrote it over a decade earlier.

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