Catalogue Entry: OTHE00013


Author: David Brewster

Source: Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton, vol. 1 (Edinburgh: 1855).

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[1] This letter is docqueted by Conduiitt, "Letter sent by me concerning Sir I. N.'s Invention."

[2] I have not succeeded in ascertaining to whom this letter was addressed. It was probably a circular sent to more than one person. I have found a letter from John Craig, and a paper by De Moivre, which have the appearance of being answers to it, but the dates of both are earlier than that of Conduitt's letter. In a letter dated April 16, 1729, Conduitt made a similar application to Professor Machin.

[3] In a letter on the subject of a large "monumental picture to Newton's memory," for Conduitt himself. This letter is docqueted, "Sent to Westgarth," who seems to have been then in Italy.

[4] Life of Bentley, p. 180.

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