Catalogue Entry: NATP00394

Letter from Newton to Henry Oldenburg, dated 11 [June] 1672

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MS Add. 3976, ff. 18r-27v, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK

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[1] Ph. Trans. N. 88 p. 5084

[2] 1. Of the Practique part of Optiques.

[3] Of the Theoretique part.

[4] 2. Of the Theoretique part.

[5] 3. Of Mr Hooks Hypothesis, & that the most free & genuine constitution of that & all other mechanicall Hypotheses is conformable to my Doctrin.

[6] 4. Of Mr Hooks concessions, & their limitation to his Hypothesis.

[7] 5. That it is not necessary to limit or explain my Doctrin by any Hypothesis.

[8] 6. The difficulties of Mr Hooks discourse abstracted from Hypotheses & considered more generally.

[9] 7. That the Ray is not split or any otherwise dilated.

[10] 8 That there are more than two originall colours.

[11] Obs 10 Microgr.

[12] 9. That whitenesse is a mixture of all colours.

[13] 10. That the Experimentum Crucis is such.

[14] 11. Some particulars recommended to further consideration.

[15] This Article not Printed

[16] 12. That the Science of Colours is most properly a Mathematicall Science.

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