Catalogue Entry: NATP00180

Copy of a Letter from Newton to Henry Oldenburg, dated 24 October 1676

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: MS Add. 3977.4, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, UK

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[Editorial Note 1] Folios 4-5 are a revision, in Newton's hand, of a passage beginning with the last two lines of f. 2v, and running through ff. 3r, 3v, 6r, 6v and 7r of the document as currently paginated. The revised passage appears to have been inserted between two of the pages (ff. 3v and 6r) of the text it is intended to replace. It ends 'morem meum universaliter usurpandi li' and dovetails into the same text string in the fourth paragraph of f. 7r.

[Editorial Note 2] Here Newton's intervention ends and the original text resumes, following on directly from the end of f. 3v.

[Editorial Note 3] At this point, Newton's revised text on ff. 4-5 rejoins the main text.

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