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An extract of another Letter of Mr. Newton

Author: Isaac Newton

Source: ‘An extract of another Letter of Mr. Newton’, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, No. 121 (24 January 1675/6), pp. 503-504.

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[1] * This Letter was written to the Publisher, Decemb. 15. 1675. from Leige, where Mr. Gascoines, having been a Scholar of Mr. Linus, now deceased, resides. In it are contained these words, to which Mr. Newton, to whom it was communicated, seems here to have respect; viz. Mr. Linus tryed the Experiment again and again, and called divers on purpose to see it, nor ever made difficulty to shew it to any one, who either by chance came to his chamber as he was doing it, or shewed the least desire to see the same. So that, for point of Experience, Mr. Newton cannot be more confident on his side, than we are here on the other; who are fully persuaded, that, unless the diversity of placing the Prism, or the bigness of the Hole, or some other such circumstance, be the cause of the difference betwixt them, Mr. Newton's Experiment will hardly stand.

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