Catalogue Entry: MINT00893

Promises his vote for the presidency at next week's Royal Society election to Newton, whom he would make 'Perpetual Dictator' of the Society, and asking Newton how he should vote for the councillors and officers

Author: John Chamberlayne

Source: MINT 19/2/334-5, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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A holograph draft version of MINT00609 (Mint 19/2/435) is written over the top of Chamberlayne's letter. The same sheet has also been used for a holograph draft report for the Ordnance Office on equipment in Greenwich Observatory, and for drafts relating to the calculus controversy.

Chamberlayne's letter printed in NC, 6: 43-4. Another draft of the report on Greenwich Observatory in Cambridge University Library Additional Ms. 4006, no. 31 (printed in NC, 6: 69-71). Slightly variant final version in the Royal Society's Council Minute Book, 18 February 1714 (II (copy), 274-6), printed in Francis Baily, An Account of the Reverend John Flamsteed (London, 1835-7, reprinted London, 1966), 307-8.

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