Catalogue Entry: MINT00352

Assorted draft memoranda relating to the Edinburgh mint

Author: Isaac Newton, Unknown

Source: MINT 19/3/216, National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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(a) Holograph memorandum on the Scottish act of 1686 requiring the provision of standard English weights in Scotland and stipulating that 'a standard or printed Table shall be kept in the Mint-house of the values of money or bullion [...] by wch Marchants or others may know what they were to give in or get out when their bullion doth arise above or fall below the standard appointed' [see MINT00348 and MINT00349 (Mint 19/3/10, 179), which appear to meet this desideratum].

(b) Fragmentary memorandum in another hand on the same act.

(c) [1707?] Memorandum in Newton's hand: 'To be considered how much money may be applied to ye Mint in Scotland & after what manner'.

(d) Further memoranda by Newton proposing that the bullion clerk double as weigher and teller and surveyor of meltings, and summarising more recent legislation on the funding of the Edinburgh Mint.

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