Worthy Sir

I received both your letters, the former on thursday, which day I went to dine with Mr Newton Smith at Barrowby near here, where we drank your health & familys, & that in the same room where Sir Isaacs picture hangs, which is the best done by Sir Godfrey Kneller. twas a great pleasure to me to see it, & other furniture of Sir Isaacs. I could not answer that letter before to day. in it you observe a mistake, about the place where Sir Isaac dyd. you may consider that I only transcribed Mr Le Neve's words, which I my self thought was a mistake. & I apprehend you may have incurrd an error where you write to me that he dyd on munday the 20th. of March. I suppose it was the 13th. of March.

as for my vote & interest for Sir Michael, if I had either, they should be very much at his service. I am not free of the corporation & have not liv'd long enough to have any interest considerabl. the people here seem to be mighty fond of Sir Michael & we look upon him as safe. you may be assured, nothing I can doe shall be wanting toward it.

twas in this letter you wrote to me about him, which I take notice of because in your last, you seem suprizd I had not answerd it sooner.

I shall receive as a great favor the print of Sir Isaac & the Principia. I have a print of him which I bought but not of the first impression. I have likewise several drawings of him, copyd by my self from Sir Godfreys paintings, & I have taken several sketches of his side face, which are very like him. I being present with him & Sir Godfrey at painting his great picture to be sent to ffrance, desired Sir Isaac to let Sir Godfrey paint his side face or profile as we call it, for me, what says Sir Isaac, would you make a medal of me? & refus'd it, tho' I was then in highest favor with him.

I shall neglect no opportunity to Collect any further notices of him that I possibily can, being

Worthy Sir

Your most obligd

humble servant

Wm Stukeley

Grantham Iuly 22 1727.



Iohn Conduit Esqr

Member of Parliament

Great George Street

Hanover Square


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