Artic. 1. There is one God the Father everliving, omnipresent, omniscient, almighty, the maker of heaven & earth, & one Mediator between God & Man the Man Christ Iesus.

Artic 2. The father is the invisible God whom no eye hath seen or can see, all other beings are sometimes visible.

Artic. 3. The Father hath life in himself & hath given the son to have life in himself.

Artic 4 The father is omniscient & hath all knowledge originally in his own breast, & communicates knowledge of future things to Iesus Christ & none in heaven or earth or under the earth is worthy to receive knowledge of future things immediately from the father except the Lamb. And therefore the testimony of Iesus is the Spirit of Prophesy & Iesus is the Word or Prophet of God.

Artic 5. The father is immoveable no place being capable of becoming emptier or fuller of him then it is by the eternal necessity of nature: all other beings are moveable from place to place.

Artic 6. All the worship (whether of prayer praise or thanks giving which was due to the father before the coming of Christ is still due to him. Christ came not to diminish the worship of his father.

Artic. 7. Prayers are most prevalent when directed to the father in the name of the son

Artic. 8. We are to return thanks to the father alone for creating us & giving us food & raiment & other blessings of this life & whatsover we are to thank him for or desire that he would do for us we ask of him immediately in the name of Christ

Artic. 9. We need not pray to Christ to intercede for us. If we pray the father aright he will intercede.

Artic. 10. It is not necessary to salvation to direct our prayers to any other then the father in the name of the son.

Artic. 11. To give the name of God to Angels or Kings is not against the first commandment. To give the worship of the God of the Iews to Angels or Kings is against it. The meaning of the commandment is Thou shalt worship no other Gods but me.

Artic 12. To us there is but one God the father of whom are all things & we of him, & one Lord Iesus Christ by whom are all things & we by him. that is, we are to worship the father alone as God Almighty & Iesus alone as the Lord the Messiah the great King the Lamb of God who was slain & hath redeemed us with his blood & made us kings & Priests.

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