July 30th 1672


The last week I wrote to you that the Metall which you sent me was well for closenesse & hardnesse but yet of a colour not very brisque & inclining to red. However if it be less apt to tarnish then any other mixture yet known, that will sufficiently recompense the other imperfections. Yours of July 16th directed to Stoake is not yet come to my hands. I feare it is miscarried, & desire therefore you would favour me with the particulars which were in answer to that troublesome letter written last from Stoake, for which I begg your pardon. I send you by John Stiles 13s for the last quarter.

Your humble Servant




To Henry Oldenburg Esquire
at his house about the middle
of the old Pall-Maile in


with 13s.

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Received July 31. 72.

Answered eodem. and repeated the contents of my Letter of July 16.

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Send by Styles at the Green Dragon in Bishopsgat on Thursday.

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