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The Examination of Henry Fitzgerrald taken in the Gatehouse prison this 7th. day of October 1704.


This Examinant saith that about a quarter of a year agoe on the same day that he was apprehended, he and Mr Carter being in the town of Wandsworth the said Carter spying the balif of the town whose name is North or Norton, or some such name he the said Carter said to this Examinant that that man knew him and was a great rogue, and would raise the mobb upon him, and this Examinant asking him for what, the said Carter reply'd that there was money bid for him in the Gazzette. And the said North or Norton followed this Examinant and took him up, and said that Carter was a great rogue and a Coyner, and {had} stood in the pillary, And the Examinant believes that the said North or Norton may know something of Carters being outlawed, but the Examinant himselfe knows nothing of the outlawry, and believes he this Examinant was not then in England when Carter was outlawed.

Hen: Fitz Gerrald


[1] Westminster Ss

[2] 490

[3] Capt. anno et die
suꝑdict coram me
            Is. Newton

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