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The Information of Katherine Linton Widdow in the butcher Row Temple bar upon Oath Iuly 1st. 1704.


Who saith that Richard Iorden Silver smith did about 2 or 3 years agoe rent a Garret to work in of this deponent as also a Room 2 pair of stairs to lodge in at the yearly rent of 5li. and further saith that the said Richard Iorden dyed in this Deponents house about five weeks agoe, and that she this Deponent hath frequently seen the Gentleman now shewn unto her (whose name she doth not know{)} come to the said Richard Iorden, in his life time, and sometimes work with him in the Gold or Silversmiths trade, sometimes for 12 a day & sometimes for a whole day togeather.       And further saith that she has seen the aforesaid Gentleman (who is now in custody) come to her house about 3 or four times since the decease of the aforesaid Iorden, and has seen a fire of Charcole in the said Garret, and has heard him at work by makeing a noise by strikeing with a Hammer and further saith that the said Gentleman did say that he himselfe would in a short time take the said Garret and lodging room of this deponent upon the said terms that the aforesaid Iorden had them, and she further saith that she has seen one mr Fitzgerrald frequently with the aforesaid Iorden, and this said Gentleman and this Deponent doth own that she hath seen the two pieces of Lead (now shewn unto her) in her this Deponents Garret.

Kath Linton


[1] Middlesex Ss

[2] 488

[3] Capt. et jurat an et die
suꝑdict coram me
          Is: Newton.

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