The Information of Ann Costen of Monmouth Street in the parish of St Giles's in the fields in the County of Middlesex Spinster taken this 22d day of April Anno Dni 1700


Who saith that Mrs Stone wife of Mr Stone of Stevens Ally in Kings Street Westminster Yaylor, came to this Informant into Monmouth Street aforesaid upon fryday morning last, and cheapned some head Clothes,n and in the evening of the same day the said Mrs Stone came again to this informant, and bought a shirt of her and gave her this Informant the counterfeit crown piece (Now produced in payment{)} & upon Saturday morning last the said Mrs Stone came again to this Informant and asked her if she had no better head Clothes who replyd you are a woman that bought a shirt of me last night, but a woman that was with the said Mrs Stone said that she would make oath to the contrary and a little while afterward the said Mrs stone & woman came by this Informant shop & this Informant stopt the said Mrs Stone in Order to make her change the said counterfeit crown piece but the said Mrs Stone denyd that ever she had paid this Informant any money or ever seen her before that time & this Informant doth believe that the said Mrs Stone knew the said crown piece to be a counterfeit one, when she paid away the same to the Informant

Ann Costen


[1] 299

[2] Iurat dei et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

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