The information of Tho: Morgan Stocking weaver now prisoner in the Marshalsea for debt


The informant saith that about a year or 13 months since he came acquaintd with one Iohn Wood who used to frequent the house of one Haines that Lives in White cross street and keeps a strong water shop and at or about the same time, the said Wood came acquainted with one Richd Helsam Stocking weaver who is since deceased and this informant suspecting that Wood had or was about drawing in this said Helsam, to be concerned about counterfeiting the coin of this kingdom and having some discourse with Wood about it the said Wood did own that he had Coined and to prove that he could do it he shewd to this informant a pair of Guinea dyes and four counterfeit Guineas and he told this informant that he made them himself with the same dyes that he then showed to this informant and he farther saith that the deceased Helsam did about the same time show him six counterfeit Guineas and told him that wood did make them in his sight: and he further saith that near about a year since Wood also showed to this informant a pair of spanish pistoll dyes in his sight at the same time did strike of one from the same dyes and did then also show him fifteen blanks for pistoles, ready plated & he told this informant that he made them himself and he also showed him some gold fileings which he said he had fild of from the said Blanks, to bring them to the wright weight, & some dayes before this He also showed to this informant some white mettal which he said he made some shillings off some little time before and all this was about a year since the said Wood then Living in Brick lane in old Street and absconded from there in the night time and this informant did not know where he Lived since or else he had endeavoured to have had apprehended sooner

Thomas morgans


[1] 293.

[2] Iurat 2do die Decembris anno Dni
  1699 coram
              Is Newton

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