The Information of Iohn Weekman of the Parish of St. Ienner's in the feilds taken upon Oath before me this 6th. day of Iune 1700.


He saith that Yesterday comeing through black Fryars he saw a great Crowd of People and amongst the said Croud he saw the aforesaid Martha Tanner, endeavouring to make her escape from the said Crowd, And he this Informant asking what was the Matter, some that stood by aid she had putt of a false counterfeit 12 Crown, and he knowing her to be a woman of a bad reputation, stopt her & Carried her back to the place where she had put of the said Counterfeit 12 Crown, and when she had changed the 12 Crown, the {Morn} of the shop turn'd her away and would not trouble himselfe any further with her, but He this Informant stop her againe and searching of her found the Counterfeit halfe Crown in her mouth, Vpon which she desired he would quiet the Mobb and clear her from amongst them, and she would discover where she had the Counterfeit 12 Crown & who made it, and comeing home with her she told this Informant that she had it of one Iones and that her sister Elizabeth Peirson and her selfe had seen the said Iones coyne severall times, And she that said Martha Tanner promissed this Informant to sett the said Iones so as he should take him in the morning, with the Money about him. But that Night she removed her goods and went off, and this Informant hath not seen her since, And furth this Informant Saith Not.

Iohn Weekman

The said Iohn Weekman doth further say that he doth suspect that Iones above Mentioned doth Counterfeit the Current Coyn

Iohn Weekman


[1] 279

[2] Iurat die et anno preed.
     Is Newton.

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