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The Information of Ioan Evans of the Parish of St. Giles's in the fields Spinster taken upon Oath before me this 6th. day of Iune 1700.

She saith that being in Company with one Martha Tanner of Spure alley in the Strand parish of St Martins, and Elizabeth Peirson the sister of the same parish she this Informant saith that at severall times she hath seen the said Martha Tanner and Elizabeth Peirson her sister to get out some times in the Morning and at other times in the afternoons, and taking along with them severall Counterfeit five shilling pieces of King Williams Coyn to put it off she saith further that the said Elizabeth Peirson was she that carryed the Counterfeit Money and that her sister Martha Tanner put it off, and when she had putt off one 5s. piece she came to the said Elizabeth Peirson for another, which this Informant saith it is now about a fortnight agoe, and at severall times before she this Informant hath know the said Martha Tanner and Eliza: Peirsons to put off new 5s. pieces being counterfeited in Imitation of King Williams Coyn, This Informant further saith that about six Weeks since she did see the said Martha Tanner & Elizabeth Peirson Feague new Counterfeit Mill'd Money & then put off the same and further this Informant saith not

Ioan Evans


[1] 278

[2] Iurat die et anno
prd coram Is. Newton

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