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The Examination pf Ann Galloway taken this 13th. day of May 1700.

She saith that on Thursday last she did pay by the order of her husband Iohn Galloway to the Order of Henry Mildinay Esqr the summe of 100l. in Guineas & a Sixpence (there being 93 Guineas) & that she did not know that any of these Guineas were deminished nor can tell of whome she or her husband might receive so many diminished Guineas as are said to have been amongst the said 93 Guineas or amongst some other parcells of Guineas now found in her husbands house unless any of them might be received of          Shaw.

And this Examinant doth further say, that when she paid the said 93 Guineas to the Order of Mr Mildinay aforesaid she Offered her scales to the said Order to weigh them, and said to him that she would change any that were faulty but he took them without Weighing.

Ann Galloway


[1] 272

[2] Capt die et ano prd
coram Is. Newton.

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