The Information of Samll Mabbat Servant to Henry Mildenay of Twyford in the County of Southampton Esqr taken this 13°. day of May 1700.


He saith that on Thursday last he received of Iohn Galloway by the hands of Ann Galloway the side of the said Ino. Galloway for the use of his Master Henry Mildenay aforesaid the summe of 100li in Guineas & a six pence (where being 93 Guineas) and that he received the same at the house of the said Iohn Galloway a Meal man near to Watts Coffee house in Iermyn street in St Iames's And that after he this Informant had paid away 23 of those Guineas to severall persons he carried the remaining 70 Guineas on Satturday last to mr Richard Hoar a Goldsmith in Fleet street to pay to him the said Mr Hoar the summe of 75li. for the use of Mr Augustine Brewster Whereupon Henry Hoare son of the said Richard in receiveing the said Guineas and viewing them on the Edges observed many of them to be ill Grain'd as if they had been done with a file and severing the bad Guineas from the Good Ones and trying them by weight found above 50 of them too light by about 4 or 5 Graines a piece and Marked on the Edges by a Counterfeit Graining whereby he concluded that they had been deminished. Thereupon the said Henry Hoar stopt the said Guineas and sealed them up in this Informants bag with this Informants seale. And he this Informant believes the bag of Guineas now produced by the said Mr Richard Hoar to be the same bag of Guineas there sealed up.

Samll Mabbatt


[1] 269

[2] Iurat anno et die preed. coram
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