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The Information of George Scarlet now a Prisoner

Who saith that Hanwell used to bring Flasks ready screwed up into the room where he and others were working and poured Metall itno the same and afterwards tooke the flaskes away without opening of the same and doth suspect and believe he the said Hanwell then cast counterfeit money and that in November last past the said Hanwell removed into a house scituate in the Mint Southwark and this Informant hath severall times seen the said Hanwell cast counterfeit money in the said house and after he had cast it he used to rub it with a brush and sand and that one time this Deponent found in the bottom of a bowle in the said Hanwell's house 4 counterfeit shillings unfinisht which he gave to the said Hanwell and that one who went by the name of Mr. Smith used frequently to come to the said Hanwell's and had severall times counterfeit money of him and gave him other money for the smae and that the said Mr. Smith did bring some silver to the said Hanwell to mix with other Metall in order to make unto counterfeit money and afterwards the said Mr Smith was very angery with the said Hanwell and said that he keptt the said Silver to his own use and had made the counterfeit money of his own course metall so that he could not put it off or words to that effect and Hanwell promissed to mend the same for the future And that one Anthony Fryer who is lately dead told this Deponent that he had seen Hanwell edge false money by put a file into a vice and knocking the money with a wooden Mallet upon the same

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Memorandum Scarlet did not swear to this last Information but it was writt by his diretions

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