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The Examination of George Scarlet Farryer now in custody 23d Decr 1699

Saith that he hath been employed about 17 monthes last past by Humphrey Hanwell now in custody in filing Sword hilts Spoones Tooles and Shoe Buckles but this Examinant hath had very litle employment for this these 7 or 8 weekes last past and that the said Humphrey Hanwell used to case all his work in a Cellar by himself and when he had soe done he brought the same to one Anthony Fryer and this Examinant to finish the same and that the said Hanwell used to prepare and cast his Metall himself and that this Examinant and the said Anthony Fryer very seldom went into the Cellar where the said Hanwell used to work but Hanwell used to work alone and that one who Hanwell called Mr Smith and severall others used to come to the house of Hanwell but upon what account this Examinant doth not know nor doth he know any thing of the said Hanwell's making any false money and that the said Hanwell did not trust any body to this Examinant's knowledge to prepare any Metall for him or to assist him the said Hanwell in casting as aforesaid

George Scarlet


[1] 256

[2] Capt. die et Anno preedict coram
 Isaac Newton

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