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Bodenham Rewse of the parish of St. Andrews Holborn in the County of Middlesex Embroyderer maketh oath That by Vertue of a warrant under the hand and seale of Isaac Newton Es Warden of his Majestys Mint he and a Constable with others searcht the reputed house of Humphrey Hanwell now in custody scituate in the Burrow of Southwark and that he this Deponent found in a Cellar of the said house the said Humphrey Hanwell and noebody with him and likewise the Counterfeit money now produced this Deponent found at the same time in the said Cellar and saw Hanwell lay down some counterfeit shillings out of his hands which this Examinant took up and which are now produced and that as he went into the said Cellar he mett George Scarlet comeing up the Cellar staires, and that he telling Humphrey Hanwell this morning after his being apprehended that he had an Information against him about a fortnight before this day and that he had come sooner but that he was disapointed the said Hanwell replyed that he wished this Deponent had come then for that he had not done above five pounds before this or words to that effect And that one Anthony Freyer now in custody did own himself <118v> this morning upon the door of the house where Humphrey Hanwell and George Scarlet were apprehended own himself to be employed to work by the said Hanwell and this Deponent doth suspect the said Humphrey Hanwell George Scarlet and Anthony Fryar were lately concerned together in making false money

Bodenham Rewse


[1] 253

[2] Iurat 23d Decembris 1699
   Is Newton

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