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The Deposition of Rachell Dale the wife of Charles Dale of the parish of Shadwell in the County of Middlesex Mariner 19 February 1699

Who saith that about 3 months ago one Iudith Cumby now prisoner in Newgate took a room up two pair of staires in this Deponents house about 3 months ago or something above and soon after brought into the said room Flaskes for casting of false money and sand to mould them with and Crucibles and Metall and in sight of the Deponent Moulded the said Flaskes with the sand and cast some counterfeit mony

And the Deponent hath severall times seen the said Iudith Cumby mould the said Flaskes with the Impression of money and cast counterfeit money therein vizt. Shillings and sixpences and the Deponent hath helped the said Iudith Cumby to finish the said counterfeit money severall times and the Deponent hath also seen the said Iudith Cumby make the Metall of which she made the said counterfeit money which metall was made by melting Copper with arsnick and other Ingredients. And that on Saturday last she did see the said Iudith Cumby cast a parcel of shillings and sixpences and helpt her to finish them and then by her order carryed them to mrs Eccleston's house where they were taken by some men that came to apprehend her She having first dropt them down behind her and that after <118r> the said Cumby had cast the said shillings and sixpences (which was between 4 and 5 of the clock in the afternoon{)} she left the Flaskes unbroken upon the Table near the Window of the room above mentioned where mr Rewse and others found them the same night about 9 or 10 of the clock

the mark of
Rachell Dale


[1] 251

[2] Iurat 19° Febrÿ 1699
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