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The Information of Rose Iacobs the wife of David Iccobs of the parrish of St. Iames Dukes place London Chocolate maker 11 Ianuary 1699

Who saith that about 14 weekes ago one Mrs Biggs who has a flatt Nose came to this Informant in company with a woman who went by the name of Mrs. Bayly and the said Biggs took a room of this Informant and pretended that she and the said Mrs. Bayly were to make paint therein and that the said Biggs and Bayly used frequently to be togeather in the said room till within this fortnight last past or thereabouts and had a charcoal fire therein, and about a month ago this Informant went up staires to the door of the said room where the said Biggs + <117r> Bayly then were and they had a charcoal fire there and this Informant looking into the said room and asking them for a pair of Bellowes they had something upon a Dresser or board which they three a white cloth over to hide the same and they allwayes used to keep the door of the said room locked when they were in it and a litle before Christmas last past this Informant received of the said Mrs. Biggs 4 half Crownes for Rent of the said room and endeavouring to pay one of them away to a Neighbour it was refused as suposed to be a Counterfeit one and then this Informant returned the said 4 half Crownes to the said Mrs. Biggs and had 2 other 12 Crownes of her which he hath since paid away and about three weekes ago the said Mrs. Biggs would have had a box which had something in it away from the said room but this Informant refused to let her have the same away because she had not paid her the rent of the said room but this Informant saith that about 4 dayes ago there was a man came to this Informant's daughter (as the said daughter said) and said he came from the said mrs Biggs for the said Box who let him have the same without this Informants privity or consent she being then abroad

the mark of
Rose Iacobs


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[2] Iurat et
   Is Newton

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