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The Information of Iohn Fenton Kistell of the parish of St. Margarets Westminster Coffeeman 5 Ianuary 1699

Who saith that within these 10 dayes last past he hath bought severall counterfeit half Crownes and shillings at an under rate of one Samll Tibbs who was latly tryed for counterfeiting of the current Coyn of this Realm and the said Tibbs told this Informant that the said counterfeit money were made by a man and his wife who were his particular friends and had entrusted him to put of the same and the said Tibbs hath promissed to let this Informant have more counterfeit money from time to time as he hath occasion for it to put it of and this Informant doth vehemently suspect that Thomas Higgs Cecilia Labree alias Iackson and a woman who has a flatt nose and was not long ago under sentence of death in Newgate did make the counterfeit money aforesaid

Ino Fenton Kistell


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict coram Isaac Newton

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