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The Information of Thomas Atkinson 8 November 1699

Who saith that in the month of October 95 at Colchester in the County of Essex he did exchange with one Iohn Tade and others that were his partners the summ of six score Guineas when Guineas passed currently for 30s a piece this Informant allowing the said Ino Tade 3s proffit in each pound the said Tade procuring this Informant broad money in exchange for Gold And that in the month of November 95 he did change again with Iohn Tade William Tade and their partners in Horson Town in the County of Norfolk the summ of Nine score Guineas which this Informant did allow unto the said Iohn and William Tade and their partners the summ of 3s for each pound And that one Iohn Bell a Scotchman did in 95 Change with this Informant 7 score pounds or upwards this Informant allowing him the said Bell three shillings in the pound proffitt and the said Ino Bell did shew to this Informant a parcell of counterfeit coyn which he did confess and declare that he made it himself And that about 12 yeares past he saw William Clapham of Clapham in the County of York coyn 4 counterfeit half Crownes and the said William Clapham bought of this Informant one pair of 12 Crowne Dyes and one pair of King Charles stamps for Mill'd money And one William Iackson of Clapham did buy one paid of half Crown stamps

Tho Atkinson


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[2] Iurat 8 Novr. 1699 coram
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